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Wet And Puffy – Blue Angel’s pussy pump video

Blue Angel is one smart  wet and puffy Hungarian babe. She shoved a glass sextoy deep inside her puffy pussy and we questioned her why she did this when she was meant to do a vagina pump scene. That big glass dildo is for stuffing it into her cunt, and that pussy pump is used for getting everything out of her pink cunt. Smart woman as she did get to experience some very nice and sexy pleasures from pumping that sweet cunt of hers with the pussy pump. Well we guess you might be eager to see this go down so let’s just get started with it without any more delay shall we guys and gals?

The cameras start to roll, and the first thing that you get to see is this cute wetandpuffy babe with her ass in the air, and already midway through her self pleasing session today. As you can see she decided to use the pussy pump in conjunction with her favorite dildo, and you will get to see why. The thing is that as she pumps the toy, the dildo also slides in and out of her wet and puffy cunt, and she could only describe it as being fucked while also getting some oral sex in the mean time. And we believe her since you get to see this cute babe orgasm by the end from the pleasure of using the said combo. Enjoy it and see you soon like usual!

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Wet and Puffy Kety is a nasty piss slut

Sweet Kety might not be the filthiest lady we have ever taped… however, she’s definitely close!  Cameltoe play, lots of serious wet and puffy pussy pump activity and wonderful pissing adult porn that even contains a scene where she’s peeing upward and catching it with her mouth. Well we’re sure that you guys will just love miss Kety here and her sexy little pee show. We decided to switch things up a bit and bring you some videos too. And form now on this will be a regular thing that’s going to go down no matter what. So let’s sit back and watch this babe with curly short hair in action shall we?

The sexy little babe sure knows how to put on an amazing show and we bet that you will simply love it today. Watch as this cutie goes straight for the show off on the couch, and spreads her legs wide open for you guys today. You get to see her spread that pink wetandpuffy pussy wide open, and you will be getting to see her pee and cover herself in warm piss just for your enjoyment today everyone. So have fun with it and see you next week with some more nice and fresh pussy galleries and video that we’ll have for you. Have fun with this babe and rest assured she’ll be featured here once more in the future as well. Goodbye and see you guys soon!

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Monika Benz wet and puffy

Monika Benz  is treating her wet and puffy peach today by entering into lots of trouble in her kitchen. Monika Benz kicks off with a great strip tease, having you hot and troubled with glimpses of her fluffy peach. Once her jean shorts slip off she gets a large glass bottle and begins shoving it real deep inside her puffy peach. She uses the bottle to play with her cunt before letting the video camera come in closer as she’s rubbing her delicious pussy. Monika is one sexy and cute little babe and as we said her passion is to stuff things in her tight and horny pussy as much as she can.

And for today she prepared a super special show for you as she got a hold of a nice and big bottle and she was going to use it to please herself today. She considered it to be just perfect as it starts out thin as she inserts it and then gets progressively thicker and thicker the more and more it goes in her sexy wetandpuffy pussy. So just sit back and watch the brunette as she inserts that glass bottle in her cunt fucking herself with it nice and hard for this whole scene today. And we’re sure that you will love this babe’s show. Rest assured that she’s going to be making a comeback in the future as well!


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Thea having fun at home

Thea is much more than just one more pretty babe with that wet and puffy pussy of hers. This beauty has the has some perfect round tits and a juicy round ass. The one thing better than banging a puffy pussy is shoving your penis in the slit of a lady who you know will keep a strong tempo all night! Thea will never get tired and her vagina stays moist from beginning to end every time. Thea here is one of those babes that will leave an impression on you after your first night with her, and since when you’ll see her first time, you know that this babe is a freak in the bed by the autoritary looks that she gives.


For today’s sweet gallery miss Thea takes you to her kitchen. Well she was intending to cook, but she felt kind of naughty and horny and she just had to do something about it. So let’s watch this sexy and cute blonde as she goes wild in the kitchen for your enjoyment. Sit back and watch this busty lady as she starts to take off her clothes and reveals her perky wet and puffy cunt just for you guys and the cameras today. You get to see this naughty and sexy blonde as she starts to rub her pussy slowly, and eventually she slides her fingers in, finger fucking herself nice and hard for you and the cameras today.

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WetandPuffy pissing

Hot babe with sexy body and full of kinky attitude what else could you want from this sexy vixen. In this pissing scene Vivien exhibits her inner wetandpuffy side and really loves it as she gushes urine from her young vulva. And the first thing that you will notice is that this babe packs one incredibly slim and perky little body. So let’s watch the cutie getting around to expose those fine and luscious shapes on cam just for you in today’s amazing scene shall we?

Vivien is quite the naughty babe as well as she enjoys experimenting with lots of kinky stuff. Oh and we forgot about one thing. This cutie packs a super tight and small wet and puffy cunt that’s always ready for action. Even though she may not get to slide a humongous cock anytime soon inside her, she still gets to experience some very strong orgasms any time she has sex since she’s so tight. Well for today you get to see this lovely lady piss in front of the camera and for your viewing pleasure and we’re absolutely sure that you will love it. We’ll be seeing you next week with some more nice and sexy shows everyone! Cum inside our Twitter page, for Vivien’s full video and many updates and enjoy the nice and hot show that she has prepared for you guys.


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Gorgeous Nicol

Nicol may have the sweetest natural D size boobs ever. She is a honey from Czech Republic which recently informed us she likes not to use a dry towel after she baths. What Nicol wants to do is get on the floor and use a vibe on her Wet And Puffy cameltoe till climax. Once she cums she’s quite dry naturally, but you still get to enjoy a nice and sexy waterworks show with one stunningly beautiful and sexy red head today. And since we know that you guys already eager to get started and see miss Nicol start to do her thing, we’re not going to delay this any longer either. So let’s see her in action.


Nicol is just too perfect. As you can see, this babe packs a superb pair of big natural tits, a slim waist, a perfect little round ass and one of the prettiest and naughtiest wetandpuffy pussies around it seems. This babe not only is beautiful but she’s also very naughty. She said that she regularly likes to show off, and that’s especially true to her boyfriends. And naturally you get to see her special treatment today. Sit back and watch this cutie spreading her long sexy legs and see her fucking her perky pussy with a nice and big dildo until she manages to make herself orgasm and cum in front of the cameras today!

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Wet and Puffy camel toe pussy

Natali from wet and puffy galleries puts a great deal of pressure on the circumference of her wet camel toe pussy with this massive pussy pump that she has to insert two fingers inside her asshole only to hold together the integrity of her own genitals! This can be one of the hottest galleries every shot for our premium pussy fans. And this mature cutie sure packs one of the most perfect and cute pussies that we have ever seen and you can ever get to see. This babe is here to entertain and she will be going to town on her cunt just for you in her gallery today everyone.

As the cameras start to roll, you get to see miss Natali as she makes her entry wearing some nice and sexy clothes to tease and entice. And as they were all pink they made her look super cute as well. Sit back and watch this babe lifting up her skirt and removing her panties to show off some nice views of her wetandpuffy cunt for you guys to see. And watch closely as she starts to rub that cunt with a passion in the beginning of the scene. Then she starts to insert her fingers inside and you get to see the babe finger fucking her pussy and ass jut for your enjoyment today everyone. Enjoy watching this beauty spreading her legs for the camera!


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WetAndPuffy Nike

Nike is a sweet Austrian newbie who isn’t afraid to show off her fluffy wetandpuffy pussy in front of the camera. This lovely and sassy teen does plenty of teasing to start out, pulling her panties firmer against her slit and ensuring that you get a good eyeful. She’s really freakish when she takes out her pussy pump. She winds up puffing up her pussy even greater than it already is. Cum inside wetandpuffy.com for the entire episode and much more other galleries. Well rest assured that miss Nike’s show is quite awesome today and we’re sure you will enjoy every image with this cute brunette babe.


She sais that she just adores using her wet and puffy pussy pump since it makes her feel like she’s getting oral sex. And she just loves having someone go down on her and eat out her sweet pussy. Well when no one’s around for her to take advantage of you can pretty much imagine that this cutie has to find a replacement and this pussy pump was just the perfect solution to her little problem. So let’s see this babe as she pumps her pussy with her sex toy, and rest assured that you will get to see her cum and orgasm today as she pleases that perky and wet pussy of hers in front of the cameras. Enjoy everyone!

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WetandPuffy Caprice

Everbody knows that nipple play just isn’t our specialty, however when Caprice informed us that grabbing and pinching her hard nips helps her getting her Big Taco wetandpuffy vagina than other things – we start the recording and helped her getting her boobs ready for this dream pictorial. As the tape peeled off you can observe her vagina learn to sweat and the drippings of juices became the beginning of a very hard orgasm. And you should be happy to see such a gorgeous little cutie expose her sexy body on cameras just for you guys to enjoy too, in this fine afternoon’s update.

Caprice is a very cute and energetic babe and she always does what she wants. Today it seems that she really wanted to show off her passion for self pleasing action and you get to see her play with her wet and puffy pussy all day long today. Sit back and watch this babe go to town on her cunt with her favorite sex toy today, and enjoy seeing her moan in pleasure as she fucks her wet and tight cunt with a nice and big dildo for today. So just sit back and watch this nice and sexy show with this babe as she fucks her tight and puffy pussy and enjoy this amazing show today. We’ll return next week with some more scenes like usual!


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Idoia’s Wet And Puffy Pussy

Idoia cameltoes is our special invitee, recorded by our buddy Louis Durante to offer you the very best diversity in this episode! She has fun with a big pussy pump to aid her wet and puffy clit swell up happily before pissing in a dish therefore this sweet and always horny teen can have fun with it later and boning her very own twat with a great large toy to offer you the ejaculation that she is aware she has to offer for your passion. So let’s not waste anymore time and watch this sexy and cute babe expose her sexy body on cameras just for today shall we?


Idoia is a very sexy babe with a perky wetandpuffy pussy and she always enjoys letting guys take a better look at it and playing with it. Today however she was solo but that doesn’t mean that she didn’t want to show off. Sit back and watch this cutie as she starts off her scene by removing her cute panties and bending over so that you may get one amazing and hot close up of her perky pussy this fine afternoon. Enjoy the view and see her fuck herself with a dildo and rub her pussy just for your viewing pleasure today everyone. We’ll be back next week with some more nice and hot scenes for you!

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