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Wet and Puffy – Doubling the Pleasure

This time we brought you one of the naughtier Wet and Puffy models. She just loves bragging with her pussy and also likes having her tight asshole stretched, just like you will see in this video too. She starts by playing with her hard nipples making herself even hornier. See her using her glass dildo for her tight asshole and her pussy pump to double the pleasure. Enjoy it and have fun with this little lady and her simply amazing and hot scene for the afternoon everyone. So let’s get to see her at play without due in this sexy and hot scene today!


Amy was always curious about how using a pump would feel on her wetandpuffy pussy,  and in this afternoon she gets to feel just that. Enjoy seeing this adorable babe as she gets to undress and show off her sexy and hot body, and then see as she puts the device on her wet pussy pumping away. Of course she loves it and you can see her moaning in pleasure for the whole scene today. We hope that you will enjoy it and we will be back soon with some more fresh and hot scenes. So bye bye everyone and see you next week!

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Wet and Puffy Beth

Don’t miss this smoking hot Wet and Puffy scene on our site. Beth is a hot brunette,that has some amazing curves and super dark pussy lips. She jumped right to business and started masturbating her pussy lips getting hornier and hornier.  After getting lubed she starts dildo-fucking herself with her favorite dildo. Check her out and also check Leda, to see her too!

Beth was preparing her dinner as he invited that hot guy we met yesterday at a party! She couldn’t stop thinking about him and she felt so heated up that she had to stop right away and do something about it ! It was time she had a relaxing quiet time just for herself, not it was only her, the music that she has just putted on and the anal dildo that she just took from the drawer in her bedroom! This sexy babe took her clothes off slowly in the rhythm of the music and sat on the couch, where she started to rub slowly her wetandpuffy pussy. Then, with the other hand she teased her pussy and the put it in her tight peach! As she climaxed so quickly she thought she would do the same thing with her ass! Have a look at this babe pleasing herself!


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Naughty Wet and Puffy Cheryl

Hi Wet and Puffy pussy fans! Are you in for more and more pussies? Here we go then…As this babe just got an apartment from her parents for her birthday, she went shopping to buy some furniture and stopped at the sofa store! These guys had a promotion as if someone thought he would buy a sofa he could get a 1 week probation with the possibility of returning it back! This sound very nice as Cheryl this naughty blonde laid her eyes on this white couch with those three blue pillows!

She was about to test it in her unique way, first by her own and then with the hot neighbor that she met when she has just moved in! Well, for a short amount of time she could test it by her own with one of her sex toy shoved into her wetandpuffy asshole as this guy made her a surprise visit and helped her reach the desired orgasm! Check them out as he is gonna shove that big cock of his into her pussy while she continues stimulating her ass hole! What an explosion of orgasms followed! Just watch this anal masturbation scene cause it’s hot!


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WetandPuffy – Cinderella with her purple toy

Welcome guys! How about having a look at our wetandpuffy video gallery with all these sexy chicks ! Do you like tales? Try something new as this babe kinda looks like Cinderella and surely is having a good time with her new toy! This year is purple’s year! That is why she choose this color on her toy and also suited up with her sexy outfit – a purple long dress! As today was her prom she thought she would heat a little bit up! Are you anxious to see what this chick is up to? Take a deep breath and let’s see her in action!

This naughty babe took a shower before going to take that beautiful long dress and she felt horny! That is why she was lying there in the middle of her room and asking herself what to do! This babe started to touch and squeeze her boobs while she grabbed that toy and shoved it into her tight wet and puffy puss. This dildo of hers was going more deeply than ever man went and she had a very intense orgasm! Now she was ready for prom! Enjoy this scene guys! Caprice has a purple toy as well, so check her out!


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Naughty babe Charlotte

Hello guys! We are back with more WetandPuffy content that you would definitely like to see! So, this fresh and funky update brought to you this brown-haired babe in mood for playing with herself! This crazy babe is about to test her pussy with all her collection toys! This naughty babe with very long legs and natural tits is called Charlotte! She had a visit all the way across town to her favorite sex shop! Are you anxious to see what she’s gonna do? Take a look at this pic and if you’re eager to see more check out this entire scene!

This wet and puffy babe says it’s about time she’d invest a little bit into some sex toys! It’s been a while since she hasn’t paid a visit to her friends at the sex shop! She feels she would try to ride something bigger ! That is why she started first of all with something soft like these balls and ended in her very own way – riding a huge dildo cock! If you wanna see this handsome babe having a crazy orgasm have a look at the entire scene!


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Horny Adele

Welcome back for another Wet and Puffy episode! So , do you think you’ve seen this hot brunette before? Well, maybe. But you haven’t seen her before like she is in this pic! Let’s check it out what is she going to do today! She was about to go and have a dinner with a rich guy she met a few weeks ago and called her and invited her to a very fancy restaurant! All these up until she received in a pack from a messenger the sex toy she has just ordered from an online shop! Do you wanna know why was she late and this guy had to wait for her all by himself in a 5 starts restaurant? Well.. it definitely worth it by the way!

Well, this babe thought a little heating up before the night that was about to follow won’t hurt nobody! So she put that toy to work, that it was going to stimulate her wetandpuffy clit and she just couldn’t stop until she had that very desired orgasm! Money spent well she said and she was so right! If you had a great time seeing this entire scene have a look at our community’s website as there is much more to see from where this came from! Join us now for more!


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Sasha playing with her wetandpuffy pussy

Hey there! Are you checking out if we’ve got anything new around here? We surely do! Well, we’re so glad you enjoyed the photos you’ve seen around here and welcome back for more wetandpuffy pics! They sexy babe with her blue eyes though she would be a nude model for a carver today, as this guy was going to have his PhD. test in about a week and needed a model to practice with! Well, these two really practiced, but mostly their sex skills and all the techniques they know! Do you know them all? Even these babe’s amazing skills? Find out now!

This beautiful lady – Sasha- was asked to stand straight and she did for a few hours up until they had a little break and she decided to stay on the floor. Out of nowhere she got pretty heated up and she started to play with her wet and puffy pussy when this friend of hers came to give her a little hand! He surely gave her a hand as he started to finger her pussy and then he fucked her pretty hard! Check out now these two lovers!


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Naughty Wet And Puffy Foxy Di

Hey there! Are you up for more sexy models and for their shaved wet and puffy peaches? You’re in the right place guys! We’re here and we have for you more fresh and funky updates with gorgeous chicks that are gonna please their asses and their puffy pussies! This beautiful lady having a noisy orgasm on this grey textile couch is Foxy! Do you wanna see how this babe got started? Take a look at this crazy chick as she is going to dildo fuck her ass hole while she continues rubbing that fine puss of hers!

This sexy babe had a rough year, she just broke up with her boyfriend and they were together for about 7 years and they were about to get married! As enough was enough this lady though it was time she started a new year and a new life she says in a unique way – only her, her ass and her pussy! This crazy babe began her new year with a glass ribbed dildo in her wetandpuffy asshole! What a way to start a year! How about try it yourself? Enjoy the entire scene guys!


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Anal pleasure with Wet and Puffy Liona

Oh, guys! You’re already back! We’re so glad that you liked what you’ve seen here! Are you up for more solo scenes with our beautiful wet and puffy models? Today we have Liona in this hot solo scene! This brown-haired babe has some firm natural tits and a round ass that begs to be penetrated! Well, in this case she has to do something about it ! She was watching TV and havind a glass of red wine when searching for a channel that might have something good to look at she found the porn channel! Well yeah, she couldn’t help trying what she saw and this is how she ended in this hot position!

Do you wanna see more ? This crazy babe took all her clothes off slowly and started to touch herself softly, she began from her breasts and went all the way down to her wetandpuffy pussy! Of course she had to rub it a little bit and then she fingered it. But she wanted more! All she could think her was her ass stuffed! This babe looked everywhere as she wanted to find her sex toy as soon as possible! As she found it she shoved it in and continued to rub slowly her little peach up until she climaxed! Have a look at this entire scene guys!


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WetandPuffy Carrie playing with herself

Hello wetandpuffy buddies! Where do you hide you sex toys? Be careful where you hide your sex toys! Why am I saying that? Have a look at this horny brunette and at what she does with her sister’s pink dildo! She was looking for one of her top and one black skirt she has borrowed to her sister a few days ago and as she was seeking through her drawer and through her closet she saw a big pink dildo and thought she would give it a try! We are wondering what is she up to ? Let’s have a look together!

Carrie sometimes borrows her clothes to her bigger sister. Last week her sister went to a party and needed a sexy outfit to pick up some guy she liked! Her sister forgot to give those clothes back and now this nasty brunette is searching for time! As she found this pink dildo, she lubed it up and she fingered a bit her wet and puffy pussy and then she put it in! She loved it as this dildo made her scream as no man made her! Have a look at this beautiful brunette’s solo scene!


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